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 4 HOT Girls Inside (Bikini Pic)

how to get women attracted to you

These psychological triggers have been perfected and adapted for seduction purposes.

Have you heard of the “Ben Franklin Effect?”

It states that when a person does you a favor, their subconscious will think they like you, which is why they’re doing the said action. 

You can use this little psychological phenomenon to get people to like you. And this works on almost anyone, especially on cute girls! (And even on people who previously DIDN’T like you.)

Simply ask a girl to do you a small favor. Even the tiniest blessings count.

Ask for the time. Borrow a pen. Whatever!

After repeated instances, she will weirdly grow to like you a little more each time.

The scientific term for this is “Effort-Justification.”

A person’s brain justifies the action as “I like this person. That’s why I’m doing something for them.”

Now, why am I telling you this?

Think about it.

What if you use effort-justification to attract a woman, maybe even addicted to you?

So much that she’ll do anything to be with you, even make the first move.

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Will it work? Absolutely!

Wise men have taken the concept of effort justification and perfected it to attract and induce lustful feelings in women.

However, it’s not as simple as asking women for time or borrowing a pen. 

Doing that only makes them “like you” as a person. 

There won’t be any romantic or sexual feelings involved. 

To get them to want to have sex with you, you need to ask only your lover’s favors.

This is where it gets tricky. 

And that’s precisely why you have to watch this video to attract women and make them want to chase you for sex.

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Watch the video and go out and ask the ladies for favors. 

You might think, “Sloane, you’re a woman. Why are you endorsing something like this?” Here’s my answer:

This is what I do. I help men and women have extraordinary, fulfilling sex lives. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with the information in the video. You just have to be open-minded about these things. 

In the end, everybody’s happy. These chase triggers only empower men to meet amazing women and vice versa. 

So give them a try. And please, have lots of sexy fun along the way. 

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