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 Sexy Seniors Are Finally A Thing

The Guardian recently wrote about areas of our lives that improve with age:

“Sexual satisfaction and wisdom get strong in one’s 60s.

 It would be nice to believe’s 2018 “Singles in America” survey, which polled more than 5,000 single adults, found the optimal age for sex among single women to be 66 (and 64 for men). 

But not all investigations have offered such cheering news: a 2020 German longitudinal study found “the older the individual, the less satisfied they were with their sex life” (although 35% of 65- to 80-year-olds were satisfied). 

In Sweden, however, a study of over-60s found only 24% were dissatisfied with their sex lives. It’s a confusing picture, but another study of more than 6,000 people in the US aged 20 to 93 found “SQoL” – that’s the sexual quality of life – remains stable as we age. 

The authors suggest aging “may be associated with the acquisition of skills and strategies that can buffer age-related declines in SQoL, particularly in the context of a positive relationship.” They called this skill set “sexual wisdom,” which is a nice concept.”

I found some sexual wisdom in this FREE eBook below for you. 

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⇐ 11 Essentials For An Ageless Sex Life 


As we age, our bodies change. 

Muscle tone isn’t what it used to be. Random aches pop up, and let’s not even talk about hormonal shifts. All these can put a damper on our sexual well-being. 

This guide gives you the lowdown on 11 Simple Steps for reigniting that passion at any stage of life. 

I’ve checked it out, and it’s a game-changer. And you know me. I know my stuff. Yet, some of the juicy tips they mention here are novel ideas. 

This is about laying the foundation for decades of satisfying physical intimacy, building stronger emotional bonds, and gaining a newfound confidence in the bedroom. 

Here are some things you’ll get inside:

  • Hit that “love switch” to strengthen your bond and elevate your moods. It’s like a mini wellness retreat in your living room—stress down, spirits up!
  • Discover a few “Spicy ‘n Easy” tips to keep things fresh and fun. Tried and tested—newness in love equals novelty in life.
  • Are you yearning for the honeymoon phase? Get back safely with doctor-approved ways to balance hormones and rev up your libido.

And more.

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⇐ 11 Essentials For An Ageless Sex Life 

If you’re into leveling up your health like I am, you must check out this online event called ‘AGELESS.’ I’m one of the speakers, so I would love for you to come. 

Imagine learning from 50 top medical experts about the latest in longevity and age-defying science. 

These aren’t just techniques to help you add more candles to your birthday cake. We’re talking about genuinely feeling and looking younger—like you’ve hit the reverse button on life’s remote control. 

And it’s all backed by legit science; no sci-fi nonsense here! 

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⇐ How To Go From Prematurely Aged To Looking And Feeling 10-20 Years Younger! 

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