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Inside Shane’s Routine: A Trio of Transformation Tools & Their Impact! (Part 2 of 5)

Back to Shane’s story. 

Last time we talked about his Penis Rejuvenation journey, we only touched the tip of the iceberg. Let’s talk about his routine, what he did, and his experience. 

When Shane started this journey, he wasn’t just winging it. He had a structured routine and followed it as diligently as possible. 

Shane leaned heavily on a trio of transformative tools: the GAINSWave treatments, the Whopper penis pump + the DEEP Extender, and the FirmTech Tech Ring.

  • GAINSWave: These treatments, scheduled between May and June 2023, became the bedrock of Shane’s regimen. They are non-invasive and focus on improving blood flow to the penis.
  • Whopper: Seamlessly working alongside the GAINSWave treatments, the Whopper penis pump, and the DEEP Penile Extender were pivotal in encouraging tissue growth and enhancing Shane’s results. 
  • FirmTech Tech Ring: Monitoring progress is vital! This innovative tech ring kept tabs on Shane’s night-time erections, giving him tangible evidence of improvement.

Scroll down to see what his routine looked like. 

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From May to September 2023, Shane observed a regimen, shifting gears as he learned and understood his body’s reactions. Here’s a snapshot of a few weeks worth of his routine. 

He started with the FirmTech Tech Ring (May 5th) to measure the health of his penis’s health and nighttime erections. The next day, he started using the Whopper Penis Pump and the DEEP Penile Extender while still measuring his nighttime erections with the Tech Ring. 

Then, he started his first GAINSWave treatment on May 17th. His 6th and final session was on June 8th. 

A typical week consisted of 2 to 3 days where Shane used the Whopper penis pump and the DEEP Penile Extender and measured his nighttime erections. Then, on days when he goes for a GAINSWave session, he doesn’t pump/extend. He only tracks with the Tech Ring. 

In the later part of his journey, he had to travel a lot, and work got in the way, so his pumping and stretching got less frequent. 

It wasn’t always smooth sailing the entire time, but Shane’s dedication never wavered.

Here’s more from Shane.

“After about 3-5 weeks from the final GAINSWave treatment, I was somewhat disappointed that I hadn’t seen any significant gains. However, I was reassured that 12+ weeks from the definitive therapy would be a more realistic timeframe to experience improvements. 

In my case, it was about 8-9 weeks. In that period, I experienced increased girth, new vein growth and vascularity, and confidence in achieving and maintaining an erection during a sexual encounter. It was a significant improvement noticed both by myself and my sexual partner. 

I also noticed a significant increase in girth, as measured in the table below. I shared with Sam (from the Whopper team) that most of the girth increase was concentrated in the lower 1/4 of the penis shaft. Sam shared that it’s best not to “*pump straight to 5*” but instead gradually increase the pressure throughout each pump cylinder. Since doing that, I’ve noticed that the circumference is increasing farther up the shaft toward the head of my penis.”

While each tool has its merit, their combined use creates magic. 

The GAINSWave and the Whopper synergistically stimulate tissue growth, and the DEEP Penile Extender supports the pump sessions and their effects. At the same time, the Tech Ring measures the outcome—thus painting a full circle of action, impact, and verification.

Shane also incorporated lifestyle changes, such as an improved diet, regular exercise, and nitric oxide supplements like FLOW. Blood flow is crucial to erection health, and that’s what both the GAINSWave and Whopper’s goals are—to add more blood flow capability. These weren’t just complementary—they amplified the benefits manifold.

He also had the freedom and ability to pump while working. Yes, you read that right! Shane’s dedication was such that he often pumped while working. 

Let’s talk a little bit about the DEEP Penile Extender. 

It’s a medical-grade penile traction device. It’s affordable and easily carried around (and worn) as you work. 

Penile Traction Therapy (PTT) stretches the penile tissue gently, prompting cells to multiply. This stretching encourages the creation of new identical cells through cell division. When the primary tissue of the penis is stretched, it activates stem cells, repairing any damage and increasing cell size.

Shane’s journey was an interplay of tools, techniques, and tenacity. But his overarching sentiment? Consistency is key! As we’ve seen, it’s not just about having the tools but how you wield them, and Shane’s impressive results testify to that fact.

There’s more we’re going to talk about next. Stay tuned! 

Check out the tools Shane used to revive his sexual vitality. 

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