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Making love to a woman’s breasts (most don’t know how!)

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How to “make love” to a woman’s breasts? 

Frankly speaking, most guys don’t know. With breast play, being aggressive and rough is a no-no. Remember, tender loving care. 

Sarah always felt self-conscious regarding intimacy, particularly regarding her breast size. This nagging insecurity created a barrier between her and her lover, Tom. 

Tom, sensing Sarah’s hesitance but not fully understanding the root of it, felt increasingly frustrated.

Realizing they couldn’t let this issue fester any longer, Sarah took the brave step of seeking advice. She shared her feelings in an email, asking for guidance on overcoming her insecurities and finding a new sense of confidence. I also shared with her how Tom can make love to her breasts with the most exquisite and delicious breast play technique. 

Understanding and catering to your partner’s vulnerabilities can be the key to unlocking a deeper, more meaningful level of intimacy. 

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This game-changer uses pillows to elevate her pleasure to new heights while putting him in the perfect position to keep the good vibes rolling.

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