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Shane’s Advice For Guys On Penis Rejuvenation (Part 5 of 5)

Our journey with Shane culminates today. 

Having walked through his transformation’s ups and downs, highs and lows, let’s hear it directly from Shane. His candid advice, reflections, and the message he wants to pass on to every man out there.

Embarking on a diverse regimen, Shane experienced firsthand the power of the Penis Tool Trio. Each tool, while effective on its own, becomes a formidable force when combined. The GAINSWave treatments, the Whopper, and the FirmTech Tech Ring charted his path toward sexual wellness.

“If I were to sit down, man to man, with anyone, I’d say this—don’t let time or complacency dictate your sexual health. The power to change to improve is in your hands. And while it’s tempting to look for quick fixes, the real gains come from a consistent, holistic approach.”

Scroll down for more advice from Shane.

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The Power of the Penis Tool Triad with FLOW

  • GAINSWave: Targets improved blood flow through soundwave therapy.
  • Whopper + DEEP: Stimulates tissue growth, enhancing girth and vitality.
  • FirmTech Tech Ring: Provides tangible metrics on nighttime erections, reflecting the health of your sexual functionality.
  • FLOW Nitric Oxide Supplements: Helps with healthy nitric oxide levels in the body, which is crucial for maintaining an erection. It fuels your vascular system, ensuring blood flows efficiently and effectively to the needed regions. It’s the secret ingredient to enhance the trio’s combined power.

While each tool contributes uniquely, their synergistic use amplifies the results. Like a well-oiled machine, each part complements the other, leading to holistic improvement.

First, let’s take a look back at his results. Numbers don’t lie.

From May to September 2023, the tangible improvements were:

  • Erect Shaft Circumference: A 15.79% increase.
  • Erection Stiffness: A surge from 4 out of 5 to a total score.
  • SHIM Score: An uplifting shift from ‘Mild to Moderate ED’ to ‘No Signs’ – a 53.33% improvement.

Here’s Shane’s advice with the Whopper:

“It works! Start now in addition to improving your diet, exercise, and FLOW supplements, and get GAINSWave if you can afford it. Start slow, and DO NOT try to get to the max green line pressure (5). Just keep it at 2-3, or whatever is comfortable, for as long as it takes. DO NOT over-pump. And keep it to three times a week. Treat it like going to the gym. You don’t work the same body part every day, seven days a week. Pumping, along with the other changes, has improved my confidence in my physical proportions as well as my ability to maintain an erection for a longer duration. But I believe it is a combo of diet and exercise, supplements, and GAINSWave, and you should NOT expect just one of those things to fix it.”

Here’s what he says to those considering GAINSWave: 

“If they are also willing to improve their diet, increase their exercise and activity, add FLOW Nitric Oxide supplements, and engage in a Pumping Protocol, then I 1000% recommend they include GAINSWave treatments. Just getting GAINSWave treatments may show some improvement, but if they want to see a real and vast improvement, then GAINSWave is just part of the changes they need to make. I feel like a more active and sustained sex life is possible now. Before starting these treatments and lifestyle changes, I mostly resigned to, “This is just the way it is from now on.” at only 56, I now see what a sad resignation that was. I now have the confidence I had in my 20s and 30s regarding my ability to maintain an erection for the duration of a sexual encounter. My partner has repeatedly remarked on how much firmer my erections are, that they are now lasting for the entire experience, and how much girth I have gained due to the Pumping Protocol.”

About the FirmTech Tech Ring

“Brought more awareness to NTE and how diet, exercise, supplements like FLOW, and Pumping all work together for better performance and sexual health. If a guy is a very sound sleeper and is not woken up by his NTE, then having a measuring device is important. Just like people who snore don’t know they snore, if you don’t know if you are, or aren’t, having NTEs, then you should use a reporting device.”

Before his regimen, intimacy for Shane was fleeting, often riddled with self-doubt. His renewed vigor and confidence have reignited passion and connection in his relationship, painting a stark contrast to his past.

Shane’s journey was about reclaiming a lost sense of self, looking in the mirror, and seeing a man ready to embrace life with open arms and renewed confidence.

However, I can’t stress this enough.

While each tool has its merit, their combined use creates magic. 

The GAINSWave and the Whopper synergistically stimulate tissue growth, and the DEEP Penile Extender supports the pump sessions and their effects. At the same time, the Tech Ring measures the outcome—thus painting a full circle of action, impact, and verification.

Shane also incorporated lifestyle changes, such as an improved diet, regular exercise, and nitric oxide supplements like FLOW. Blood flow is crucial to erection health, and that’s what both the GAINSWave and Whopper’s goals are—to add more blood flow capability. These weren’t just complementary—they amplified the benefits several times over. 

If you feel like you need a push to try these tools, let Shane’s story be that soft nudge forward to the sexual vitality you’ve always wanted. If you wish to regain that surge of sexual power or to amp up what you already have… Shane’s experience shows these tools can take you there.

The ball’s in your court, lover.

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Get Up To 25% OFF On FLOW Here ⇐ Save By Getting A 6-month Supply (For All Customers Worldwide)

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