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“The look in her eyes before she takes me in her mouth…”

My girlfriend shared a story about a guy she knew.

Picture this—the man is sharing his frustration about those once-a-year, only-because-it’s-your-birthday unique blowjobs.

He wants his girlfriend to crave it. He wants to see the “look” in her eyes, and she’s looking up at him, about to serve him with pleasure. That’s what he wants to see. 

But that’s not his reality… yet.

Sound familiar? It probably does. This is the quiet cry of a bazillion guys.

This sentiment is popping up everywhere. I even heard it from a darling friend, Brian. This is not just a one-off thing. This is a pattern—a never-ending wheel of despair.

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When he talks about wanting to see “it” in her eyes, it’s not just about the act itself. It’s about feeling that irreplaceable connection, that spark, that electric charge that can’t be replicated with anyone else. He’s craving that raw, genuine desire from her, where she’s so lost in the moment that she forgets everything else.

Now, the world out there might be swirling with all kinds of ‘tricks’ and ‘techniques’ to awaken this so-called “oral obsession” in women. From whispers of psychological triggers to tantalizing tactics that promise to make her go wild, it’s all quite the buffet of promises.

However, only a few work on a wide range of women. You want to use potent techniques. And I usually only recommend the ones I teach.

There are a few exceptions, though. And this one’s one of them.

Check out these confessions from a woman who says…

“I can’t stop blowing my boyfriend!”

Now that’s a treat.

She talks about what his man did that awakened her desire to pleasure him orally in the most erotic way he can imagine.

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