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 The “Smooth Operator” Nutrient For Smooth, Ageless Skin

Let me “smooth” out your day. 

I keep getting questions about my skincare routine and what would be the easiest practice my fans can do to get started. 

Here’s a story for that… 

A few years back, I noticed those laugh lines weren’t just a sign of a good time. They seemed to love me so much that they wanted to stick around forever. 

So, after years of searching for the world’s best options for skin health, I stumbled upon the ‘miracle’ ingredient — Retinol! 

But it had a problem. 

Retinol has been known to be “harsh” on the skin. So, I steered clear of it for years. 

Until my good friend, Cody Bramlett, who introduced me to his Turmeric Bioperine and Moringa supplements, told me about his answer to Retinol’s problem. 

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Cody has now made retinol available to everyone without worrying about it causing mild skin irritation. How? By having them in the form of delicious gummies! 

Retinol may help promote collagen production, which plays a pivotal role in skin health and aging. By encouraging new skin cell growth, it naturally nudges away the old, damaged cells, revealing a new layer that’s smoother and more evenly colored.

Retinol has also been found to help reduce the size of inflamed or enlarged pores due to clogs from oil and dirt. 

By keeping those pores clean, retinol can help control acne outbreaks. Just remember, it’s not an instant fix. Patience is the name of the game.

Retinol+ Gummies are formulated with 12 nutrients commonly recognized for their potential role in supporting skin health. Aside from Retinol, these gummies contain: 

Vitamin C supports immunity, skin elasticity, and youthful energy. 

Vitamin B5, B6, B12, and Biotin help support the growth of new hair, nail, and skin cells, giving youthful energy and reducing signs of aging.

Vitamin D supports strong bones, healthy aging, and hair growth, while Vitamin E supports a healthy head of hair. 

Zinc plays a vital role in hair growth and repair. 

Iodine helps support a healthy metabolism, radiant skin, and hair growth. 

Choline helps protect the brain against aging and improves mood and memory. 

Inositol helps fight depression and support weight loss. It also acts as a moisturizer and may help improve the condition and strength of hair.

Consider exploring the potential benefits retinol may offer for your skin. Consider adding Retinol+ Gummies to your daily routine. Just make sure to check with your doctor before starting any supplement.

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