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Get Her Hooked: Texts She Can’t Resist Replying To!

If a girl you like is ghosting you, it’s probably because of this.

Picture this. You’re really into this girl, right? And because you like her so much, you’ve started playing it safe. You’re avoiding anything that might rock the boat, steering clear of those cheeky, flirty comments that might scare her off. It’s understandable—you don’t want to lose her.

But here’s the twist: things start to go south when you stop being flirty and become Mr. Nice Guy. Even if she was totally into you before, this sudden shift can quickly make her lose interest. It’s like you become more of a buddy than a potential boyfriend. 

Instead, you’ll want to use these subtle yet powerfully seductive “copy-and-paste” messages that will get her thinking about you in naughty, naughty ways.

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⇐ Magic Messages That Get Her Hooked (Works Through Text, DMs, And More) 

Think about it. All those sweet messages you send—”Good morning,” “How was your day,” “Hope you sleep well”—they might seem caring, but they can have the opposite effect. 

Instead of drawing her closer, they can push her away. Being nice comes off as needy and, let’s face it, a bit cringe.

And that, my friend, is why many guys might have lost out in the past and why you might lose this girl, too, if you don’t shake things up soon.

The key? A hard reset. You’ve got to erase that nice guy image from her mind and hit her with something she can’t ignore. Something that reignites those sparks and changes the game.

But here’s the catch: time’s ticking if she’s already ghosting you. You’ve got to act fast to turn things around before she’s gone for good.

Imagine sending her texts and DMs where she actually can’t help but reply ASAP, as if she’s the one who can’t wait to get with you. 

Try these messages out tonight.

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  1. What would you recommend for 63-64 year old women in a marriage for 46 years . She’s never been the type to touch me sexually and head is out of the question! Now she doesn’t even want to be touched. Her nipples or breast play is not to be touched or played with. I’m 64 and don’t want to live rest of my life sexless. Can you advise

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