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My 2 Highest Recommended Pleasure Tools (NEW!)

💗🎁This is part of my 2023 “Sexual Expansion” Holiday Gift Guide. 🎁💗

My sexy and intimate recommendations! Get them for yourself and give them to your lover, family, and friends. Click here for my complete 2023 Holiday Gift Guide.

One of my absolute favorite sex toy companies is FunFactory. 

I’ve recommended many of their toys over the years, but these are fresh and worth looking at. Especially if you’re looking to try new and exciting experiences. 

First up, meet the VIM—the world’s first weighted-rumble wand. The VIM is all about pleasure at every speed, and it’s cleverly designed so that the vibration stays right where you want it. It’s got you covered with a range of settings from gentle to “oh wow!” Plus, it’s whisper-quiet and super light to play without distractions.

The second one is the LAYA III. This little gem is a lay-on vibrator that knows exactly how to treat your sweet spots. Its shape is designed to caress every curve, and with seven speeds and three programs, you’re in for a treat. 

Scroll down for more details on these yummy toys. 

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The VIM is the world’s first weighted-rumble wand. Imagine a soothing, deep massage but even more orgasmic. It’s got this unique weighted motor that makes every speed feel incredible. And the best part? The vibration stays in the head, not the handle, so your hand won’t feel like it’s been to a rock concert.

It also has a range of settings from gentle to “oh wow, that’s strong!” You can find your perfect vibe by playing around with the settings. And for those who like to keep things quiet, it’s 50% quieter and 32% lighter than other wands. So, no need to worry about waking up the neighbors!

Solo play? No problem! Set the VIM against a pillow, straddle it, and find what feels good. And remember, a little lube goes a long way for comfort. Or do you want to add some buzz to another toy? Just rest the VIM’s head against the base and let the vibrations do their magic. Love doggy style? Hold the VIM against your sweet spot while you and your partner are in the groove for an extra kick of pleasure.

Wands like the VIM are timeless because they’re versatile and easy to use. If you’ve never been a fan of wands, the VIM might change your mind with its gentle yet tantalizing vibrations.

The VIM is fantastic for clitoral stimulation, but it’s also great for exploring other areas like the perineum or even as a warm-up for a full-body experience. 

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⇐ Fun Factory’s Vibrating Wand

Here’s the second toy from FunFactory you’re going to love. 

Empowered with Vim: Susan's Dynamic Pose

The LAYA III is a lay-on vibrator with gently rounded curves and a powerful, rechargeable motor. Its shape caresses the entire vulva, so the clitoris and labia are stimulated simultaneously and intensely.

It stimulates various types of nerve endings, layer by layer. Instead of focusing on surface-level sensations, LAYA III dives deep. This leads to fuller, richer, and more electrifying pleasure.

You can also personalize your pleasure however you want. With seven speeds and three programs, you can move from a light tap to a powerful rumble with just a button click. You can even save your favorite setting to use again and again. 

And if you think this is just for women or solely for solo play, here’s a treat for you. The LAYA III is versatile enough to integrate into couples’ play, foreplay, and intense lovemaking. You can use it as an “upgrade” for oral sex for both men and women. Whether you’re holding it against the clitoris or the perineum, the toy aims to please everybody. 

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Click Here For The LAYA III ⇐ The #1 Lay-On Vibrator—Penetrate Multiple Layers With Orgasmic Pleasure


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