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How To Avoid Prostate Enlargement and Urinary Issues

Too many men are struggling with enlarged prostates which give them urination issues. Nightime peeing. Difficulty emptying their bladder. Wearing diapers to hold in leaking. Reliant on pharmaceuticals….


The best way you can reverse or not end up with these issues is to eat whole food, exercise and give yourself regular prostate massages. You gotta keep the blood flowing to oxygenate this tissue.

It is NOT WEIRD to use a prostate massager. It is #selfcaredownthere It’s a health tool. And it feels so good! There is nothing wrong with enjoying pleasure.

I’ve been recommending the Aneros Vice 2 and PleX remote-controlled prostate massagers to you. But some guys tell me they are a little intimidated about the size of the massager. (OK, your poos are bigger, but I hear you.)

That’s why I’m super psyched about the new Molto from MysteryVibe. This is the company that makes medical-grade sexual function tools recommended by doctors and urologists.

Meet Molto:


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Molto’s anatomically-placed motor delivers powerful vibrations precisely on the prostate.

Studies have found that massaging the prostate several times a week can give relief from pain and pressure.

The large base with large buttons makes it very accessible and easy to grip & use, even in the dark.

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Give “three-way” a whole new meaning by letting Molto stimulate you to explosive orgasms during intercourse.

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