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Makes My Vulva Go, “Nom, nom, nom.”

When Foria debuted their Vibrance line of Vulva Wash, Melts, and Moisturizer, I was initially skeptical. I’m always worried about making women feel like there’s something “wrong” with their vulva and vagina “au natural.” I shouldn’t have worried at all about Foria. They are the most woman-supportive and natural brand I’ve ever loved to work with.

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The Foria products have CBD, MCT Oil, and botanicals in them. But if you are going through menopause and your estrogen is declining, you may prefer to use my friend Dr. Michelle Sands’ Glow Below vaginal serum. She makes two versions. The first has estrogen in it to replace your lost estrogen from menopause. It stays local to the vaginal mucosa. The vaginal tissue needs estrogen, so it doesn’t get thin.

When vaginal tissue thins, it causes “laxity” from the shrinking tissue. It also makes it harder for your vagina to stay lubricated, but the thin tissue doesn’t hold as much moisture.

Her DHEA version is more for increasing sensitivity and for those who shy away from estrogen replacement.

You may still want to get a prescription from your doctor for estrogen replacement. The amount in the vaginal serum will not replace what is lost during menopause. But it is likely enough to keep your vagina tumescent and lubricated.

Try things for yourself and see what you like.

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Dryness is a hallmark of menopause. As estrogen declines, the skin becomes thinner and more easily irritated, often painful. Left untreated, this condition, known as Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM), will continue to progress, often leading to chronic urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence, and disruption to normal daily activity.

Though vaginal changes associated with estrogen loss are often part of aging, they don’t have to define your quality of life. My girlfriend and doctor Michelle Sands invented her brand of vaginal serums to get rid of painful intercourse and loss of lubrication and to improve the resiliency of our vaginal lining.

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If you decide to try any of these, please share your experiences!

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