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Old Taoist Dudes Held Their Ejaculate For THIS

You know how I keep telling you that semen is HEALTHY? That it has over 20 beneficial ingredients? Well perhaps the KING of the components is Spermadine. The name “spermidine” is no coincidence; the compound was originally found in sperm and dubbed as the key to sexual longevity in ancient Japanese scriptures.

All those old Taoist semen-retention dudes found that holding their ejaculate increased their lifespan. But who wants to do that? Plus ejaculating semen is good for your partner and your prostate health.

Enter Primadine. The HOT new supplement in the longevity space. It targets the root causes of aging and stimulates your body’s vital cellular renewal and “recycling” process (autophagy) that declines with age. Primadine supports 9 of the 12 hallmarks of aging: genomic instability, telomere attrition, epigenetic alterations, loss of proteostasis, deregulated nutrient-sensing, mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular senescence, stem cell exhaustion, and altered intercellular communication.

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There are a lot of synthetic spermadine manufacturers spewing out supplements now. So I want you to use THE BEST one made by Oxford Health Span. Why is Primadine the best? Two reasons. One, it’s food derived from wheat germ and they have a gluten-free version from Okinawan chlorella. Synthetic spermidine is a 2-dimensional chemical mimic. Humans have co-evolved with plants to recognize 3D plant molecules. You want food-derived spermadine.

Unlike synthetic versions, Primeadine® Original reactivates your natural ability to produce spermidine. This is all thanks to a special formula that includes a unique prebiotic fiber to help your spermidine-producing gut bacteria thrive and multiply. Plant-derived spermidine also contains the naturally co-occurring polyamines, putrescine (spermidine’s precursor) and spermine (spermidine’s successor), which recycle each other to make more spermidine. 

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Plant-derived spermidine triggers autophagy, your body’s internal cellular recycling and “clean up” process that declines with age. 


Plant-derived spermidine has been found to improve sleep quality and reduce age-associated sleep and circadian rhythm disruption. 


Activates a cellular process known as mitophagy, which clears out the old and poorly functioning mitochondria for increased energy. 


Plant-derived spermidine has been shown to improve hair growth by moving hair follicles from the shedding phase to the growth phase and keeping them there for longer. It is in this phase that melanogenesis (hair color pigmentation) takes place. Some people reverse their graying hair. Spermidine also promotes strong, healthy nails and glowing skin.


Clinical trials have found plant-derived spermidine to improve memory and cognition in older adults with subjective cognitive decline.


Gut dysbiosis is one of the root causes of aging, and spermidine may reduce this by sealing the tight junctions in the gut lining that are prone to becoming permeable. 


Plant-derived spermidine is a calorie restriction mimetic, providing the benefits of fasting – the main one being autophagy – without the need to fast.

There are a lot of individual longevity supplements that help with one aspect of aging. Primadine (for me the gluten-free version) is the no-brainer choice for a broad-spectrum effect. Plus, Leslie Kenny,

Harvard grad and biohacker is the woman behind the company. She is steeped in research and is committed to quality and efficacy. This is us in Oxford, England, where the company is headquartered.

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