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Penetration Orgasms After Hysterectomy


I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed your podcast with Dave Asprey. My husband is actually the one who sent it to me. We are looking forward to diving into all of the toys and videos.

I’m a 46-year old mother of three.  Two years ago, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had a hysterectomy removing my uterus and cervix. I still have my ovaries. 

I will be on a lifelong journey of healing from this.  This type of decision was more difficult for me than most as it is not congruent with my lifestyle and beliefs but in the end, it is where I ended up. 

Can you speak to deep penetration and orgasms beyond the vagina for a woman like me?  I am feeling deeply sad that I may have missed this opportunity in my life. – Jennifer

Hi Jennifer,

I’m so sorry about your hysterectomy. I’m glad you still have your ovaries! They are vital for hormone production.

You can still have all the orgasms from penetration because all of your erectile tissue is still intact! You still have your clitoral, urethral and perineal tissues, which comprise your pleasure circuitry. The cervix, which was taken by the hysterectomy, is a very tiny part of the overall pleasure possible from intercourse. You can keep stimulating your entire vulva and vaginal cave with those pleasure toys I showcased on Dave’s show. That will keep increasing the locations that generate pleasure for you over time. Sex keeps getting better!

With the loss of your cervix, there will be some scar tissue in the upper vaginal area that can be soothed with massage. I highly recommend that you ask your husband to give you a lot of healing vulva and vaginal massages using my Pleasure Protocol.

My protocol includes putting a Melt inside your vagina first, then having hubby smooth on a couple squirts of the Awakening Oil on your vulva. Let that start the mind/vulva pleasure healing pathway due to the CBD. Add as much Sex Oil on top for glide as feels good. Reapply as needed.

You may also benefit greatly from the Relief Melts inside your vaginal area. They have double the CBD that the Intimacy Melts do. The Melts coat the vagina and give you additional phytocannabinoids to stimulate your own pleasure/healing system.

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You might like to have your husband use the Laya III vibrator with his massage. It will penetrate deeply into your vulvar tissue to bring more blood flow than his hands can. That will heal you even faster and OMG it feels divine! Its curves are made to fit the vulva and vagina super well and it has a very low setting which you should use to start out.

You may also want to get the VFit Gold red light therapy device. It’s reasonably priced for such an incredible tool. Putting this inside your vagina will significantly aid in the healing and awakening of your vaginal tissue. 

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Using these items together will ease your pain, heal your scars and not only bring back your orgasmic pleasure… it will expand your pleasure. Vulva and vagina massage will also increase your penetration orgasms!!!!!

Let me know how you do.

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