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“She Won’t Let Me Use Sex Toys On Her.”

I was reading your email the other day in which you stated men are slowly accepting the use of toys during sex. This got me thinking about our situation, and I made a fascinating discovery. It has been around 45 years that we have used toys in our lovemaking. And, seeing as I am now 67 years old, I suppose that wasn’t a bad winning streak.

Of course, in those days, neither the choices available now nor the prices were available. What has generated my interest in this article is the fact that you say it is men who are reluctant to use toys during sex, whereas in our case, it was the other way around. 

I would have to really butter her up nice and sweetly before she would condescend to the use of toys, and then it was only a dildo, an enormous strap-on, or a primitive type vibrator. And, god forbid, if I want to introduce a new toy to the mix, I would have to be sneaky about it and slowly introduce her to it.

– Fred

Hi Fred, 

I was thinking about your wife, maybe a pussy massage with

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Gosh, I want a vulva massage with a nice vibrating dildo inside me right now!!!!

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