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Two Best Detox Products are SIMPLE To Use

Welp. This is true: 

“Don’t bother with expensive supplements until you have a consistent detoxing program.”

It makes sense. You can’t just add expensive supplements to a system that is already overloaded from the air, water, chemical out-gassing, food additives, seed oils, beauty care, and god knows what other endocrine disruptors, heavy metals, and ad nauseam that our precious bodies are constantly fighting against. 

But I don’t want to do those liver cleanses and stuff like that. When you have to drink 16 oz of rice bran oil, and you crap chunks of black stuff out… ew… that sounds just TOOOOOOOOO.

I’m not ready for that!

I’m more interested in consistent, light detoxing I can do regularly that isn’t so aggressive. And yes, saunas, sweating, and fasting are great detoxifying. But life is busy. I want things that are like a Swiss army knife of detoxification.

That’s why I like

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I’ve added TrueCarbonCleanse to my rotation, as well as a new topical Glutathione called Glutaryl, which helps support the liver. The liver is our internal detoxification organ, while the skin is our external one. Dr. Nayan Patel, who has studied Glutathione for decades, makes this spray. 

Glutaryl contains levels of Glutathione that maintain and stabilize your body’s Glutathione levels and ward off daily oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when the body does not have ample antioxidant fighting power to combat free radicals. This sets the stage for adverse effects on the body, including chronic disease and illness.

If you drink alcohol, work out strenuously, or have trouble sleeping, Glutaryl could profoundly affect your vitality. Glutathione is a naturally occurring primary antioxidant produced by the liver that detoxifies the body, affecting overall health in many ways. Combined with TrueCarbonCleanse, you’re supporting your body’s removal of pathogens, heavy metals, and chemicals so that your other supplements can work better. 

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