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“Venous Leak” Supplement

The #1 reason for ED is “venous leak.” This is where the blood can run into your dick but leaks right back out. The blood makes you have a hard erection. It fills up the spongy tubes. But if the tubes can’t hold it in, womp womp… You’re back to pushing a wet noodle.

This happens because the vessels are stiff and can’t lock the blood in. That’s from atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. You get an arterial plaque. Then, it calcifies. It seizes up like an old motor. No more boner. Wah!

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The good news is that I’ve been recommended a POWERFUL supplement with a symphony of botanicals to deal with the three things you need to focus on if you lose firmness.

Here they are:

1. Open and Optimally Healthy Blood Vessels and Arteries…

2. Healthy Blood Flow…

3. Optimally Functioning “Penile Valves”…

Get these three things working correctly, and you could likely never even need Viagra. (Of course, if you eat like crap and sit on your butt, no supplement is going to help.)

But I have a MAJOR CAVEAT about this product. It could be “too much” for older men. This is a younger man’s boner pill. Why?

It has a lot of material in it. Take five capsules every day. It might lower your blood pressure too much. It could be contraindicated with other medications older guys are on. 

The link below takes you to a detailed page explaining these three things. 

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⇐ What A Jacked Pornstar Uses To Stay Hard

Please start with two capsules and work up to five over at least a week. If you feel dizzy at all or weird, STOP immediately. You can back down to a couple of capsules daily and be ok.

If you’re middle-aged, working out, eating well, and not on any medications, Clubhouse Wood could be the supplement that makes you stiff as a rod.

I want reports from my fans. Please let me know how well this works for you.

From what I see, it’s going to make a lot of guys feel like the pornstar who invented it.

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