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“This supplement is JUNK!” (Integrity alert)

Part of ageless sexuality is having energy and feeling attractive. Longevity and anti-aging supplements are a part of sexual bio-hacking that many of my fans rely on me to recommend to them. 

I take your trust in me seriously and work with companies whose products are practical, based on quality ingredients, and have quality manufacturing. 

Corporate integrity is essential to my overall recommendation of one product over another. The company must provide excellent customer service, respond to requests, and have excellent manufacturing practices.

That’s why, when one of my long-time followers wrote this about Primadine Spermadine supplements, I was pleased to get an immediate response from their CEO.

My newsletter reader wrote:

“Primeadine – JUNK and dangerous.

1. Uses vitamin D2 – no one should take vitamin D2 – very toxic. Only take vitamin D3.

2. Made in Japan – no thanks, no FDA oversight, nothing.

3. Vitamins and minerals are so minuscule, ridiculous even to list them.

4. No non-GMO certifications, so they only say non-GMO but NO PROOF whatsoever.

    So enjoy all the GMOs that destroy the immune component of the DNA chain and

    cause all kinds of cancers

5. Vitamin B12 is most likely cyanocobalamin, made from cyanide, and when 

    cyanocobalamin is used, there is always cyanide in the supplement. Last time I 

    checked, cyanide is a severe poison.

6. Total waste of money.”

I sent this off to Primadine, and here is their CEO’s thoughtful response:


I’m using the reversal of gray from my hair as a proxy for the overall benefits of this supplement. My roots are growing darker than they have for years. This tells me that internal anti-aging manifestations I might not see but can reliably assume are also occurring.
Just like when I did the stem cell IVs and injections to heal my torn knee ligaments and elbow tendons, and my eyesight improved… Many of the longevity efforts we make have a cascade of benefits.


I’m thrilled with the results and Oxford Health Span as a company of integrity.

Primadine From Oxford HealthSpan is the only company offering a combination of spermadine, spermine, putrescine, Okinawa turmeric, and nobiletin from Okinawan lime plus vitamins D, K, B5, B7, B9, and B12 and the antioxidant lutein, which inhibits nine of the 12 hallmarks of aging. Okinawa is one of the longevity Blue Zones.

I’ve been taking Primadine for the last couple of months, and my eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair are growing thicker with no gray! Spermidine has been shown to keep hair follicles in the growth phase longer.

Primadine also modulates some of the clock genes that regulate circadian rhythms. I’ve been getting 93-95 sleep scores on my Oura ring.

Primadine triggers autophagy, your body’s cellular clean-up process that slows with age.

Listen, if you’ve been hearing about rapamycin, senolytics, metformin, and NAD+, know that Primadine covers even MORE of the aging hallmarks than any of them. 

Spermidine also inhibits gut dysbiosis, dysfunctional autophagy, and inflammation. All the sources are cited on their site. This

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is an anti-aging fundamental change. It’s like a cellular cleanup crew, rejuvenating you from the inside out. 

And yes, the component was discovered in semen (hence the “sperm” in spermadine) and is also found in breast milk. It’s the “Qi” the Taoist masters were preserving when they held their ejaculate for longevity!

The BEST part isn’t that you can cover 9 of the 12 hallmarks of aging with a single supplement…

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from an Okinawan chlorella.

I haven’t been this excited about a supplement in a long time! 

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Many supplement companies sprinkle a little of this and that in a capsule and call it a beneficial combination. Oxford Health Span’s Primadine does not do this. It offers straight-up food-derived beneficial ingredients for longevity.

If you’re looking for smart ways to extend your health span, Primadine is one of the best choices on the market, besides rapamycin, senolytics, metformin, and NAD+.

Disclaimer: We frequently partner with companies providing products and services featured on our website in an affiliate relationship. We vet the products in advance to ensure they are trusted resources and recommend you research before purchasing. We welcome your feedback and recommendations. If you buy one of the products we recommend or click on one of the links in this article, we may receive a commission. Thank you for supporting us!

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