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Expanded Orgasm Gear: Perfect Pants for Him

Expanded Orgasm Gear: Perfect Pants for Him

Our Expanded Orgasm “DO Date” sessions last from 30-45 minutes and since I’m most comfortable naked, hubby wears Thai Wrap Yoga Pants so that the hair on his legs don’t scratch me while he’s stroking me.

When you have a DO Date, the man sits perpendicular to the woman.

He positions his leg over her stomach. If his leg hair is scratchy or tickly, it can take her out of her trance state. These pants are soft, give her some covering and are very comfortable for the guy.

We love them! The rayon ones are particularly soft. The silk tends to be more stiff, as does the cotton.

We get them on eBay for less than $20 bucks.

Search the phrase “Thai Tie Dye Wrap Yoga Pants Rayon” to get the softest ones.

You may end up living in these!

With love,
Sloane Fox


  1. I will check them out. Thanks for the Suggestion…..

    • These fisherman pants are awesome for DO dates and expanded orgasm dates. Keeps your hair off her and nice and dry between you.
      Try them and let me know if you like.

  2. I have little hair anywhere. On my head or legs. But I will check to see if the natives in Ecuador make them.
    Perhaps a pair for both of us.


  3. I will get two pair!

  4. I must have missed something. I understand the function of the Thai wrap Yoga pants but The part about the man’s legs across her stomach is a mystery. Where ate the instruction as to what to do after assuming the described positions?

  5. just shave your legs!! men don’t need hair just shave it all off!

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