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"I object that you always place the blame on the man if the woman doesn’t have great sex."

"I object that you always place the blame on the man if the woman doesn’t have great sex."

Here’s an email from Dr. J, worrying that I’m unfairly placing the blame on men for the lack of sex in their relationship.

Hi Susan,

A lot of what you write about is true. I kinda object that you always place the blame on the men if a women don’t have great sex. But you know sometimes it just could be the women for a change.

Please don’t mistake my advocacy for the “man’s side of the situation” as blaming women. I am working for the good of women, through their men, because often it’s the man’s leadership that is missing in coming to solution to the problems. Women need the support of their man, not to “go it alone because it’s a woman’s issue.” I am attempting to empower men to get more involved in being the solution. – Susan

Many women suffer from dryness and sex can be painful, therefore she does not like sex, and yes she may have hormonal problems which may give her low libido.

Hormones are often the cause of dryness, painful sex AND low libido. – Susan

All the above can be repaired but don’t always think by touch etc … you can cure all the problems.

I believe touch, massage, with organic avocado oil can bring blood to the vulval area and significantly increase lubrication through engorgement. Increasing sensation through touch, especially expanded orgasm genital massage, can get a woman’s genitals into excellent health. Then adding any kind of hormonal balancing on top of that can help with additional problems. - Susan

Now they have more for men and spent years trying to improve men’s sexual problems and have many really good herbal products that work better Viagra.

Choices abound for men too. And I believe that hand jobs, oral sex (the sucking sensation is excellent for health of both parties, the giver and receiver) and lots of intercourse are the best medicine for erectile health. As well as the man is also getting good aerobic exercise 4-6 times a week, eating a low meat, high veggie healthy diet and getting lots of antioxidants from brightly colored natural foods. I also recommend David Van Arrick’s 4 Pillars of Men’s Sexual Health, which we go over in the Sexual Sticking Points module in Revive Her Drive. – Susan

But they have not helped women the same way, and many of the products that are available for women do not work as well. So I wish that the focus would be trying to help women over come their problems.

A good man gets involved in helping his woman overcome any and all problems she encounters in her life. How about a daily Yoni massage to start? Go with her to the endocrinologist, help her make sense of her choices for hormone therapy, stay with her through the trial and error it takes to find the right hormonal balance that makes her feel good, overcome any other resistance issues she has. For example, if she’s gained weight, take her on a daily walk. It will get her out. And you can put your full attention on her to make her feel loved and appreciated. Soon she’ll be feeling amorous for you again with all that focused attention. - Susan

So lets not make it entirely that men don’t know how to make love … their are other issues.

I never make it entirely that men don’t know how to make love, but I can tell you, every man has “room to grow” in that area. There’s so much to know and learn that you can try to make your sex life more hot and erotic and take the leadership role so your woman can follow and surrender to her sensual pleasure. I attract men who are committed to lifelong learning about sexuality – theirs and their woman’s. – Susan

Many women wish that the same scrutiny to find a solution to their needs and problems related to low libido.

The best thing for low libido is to get turned on and have sex. Not wait for big pharma to provide a solution in a “horny pill.” And then have more sex, and more sex so your body gets turned on easily.  You might have to start very small, very slowly if you have no sex drive. And there may be other issues that need resolved before your woman can consider being intimate with you.

If your man knows how to get your body turned on, by following for example, some of the excellent advanced sexual mastery information in Revive Her Drive such as understanding her anatomy, her erectile tissue network, Zone Theory, Mirroring and Cueing, The Voice of Authority and so much more, your chances of helping your woman get aroused increase exponentially.

“Use it or lose it,” applies to sex drive too. Sometimes ladies just need a little help using it.



Thanks for your email. I appreciate your comments and the opportunity to give you my perspective. - Susan

Reference: This just came in and I thought it might help you… “Hormones and menopause – are they an inevitable death sentence for my partner’s sex life… and therefore mine?”

With Love,
Susan Bratton


  1. Hi Susan,
    I must admit that I often feel the same way as the man who wrote this e-mail to you. In recovering my relationship with my wife I feel overwhelmed and find myself wondering where to even begin. Is it worth the effort I presume it’s going to take? How do I confront my own shortcomings and place her needs ahead of my selfish frustrations?

    • Rod,
      The Four Elements of Revival within Revive Her Drive are a step-by-step plan you can work so you don’t get overwhelmed. There will be days when you take a step backward, but you will see that by laddering up from romance, to awakening her sensually, to seduction and then sexuality, she will become more open and affectionate almost right away and you can use that as a platform for success. Once you feel some success, it will ease the frustration you are feeling. Go ahead and feel frustrated. Feel pissed. It IS frustrating not to have the affection and passion you both deserve.
      Give Revive Her Drive a try, Rod.
      Let us know how you do.

  2. Dr J makes fair but seemingly unenlightened points.
    The assertion that women need more help “to get over their problems” is interesting because I don’t think that our women believe that they have or are problems.
    This comes back to leadership and my own journey is unlearning the indoctrinations of a matriarchal family.
    The PLM products have helped me be a better man but the manifestation of this is in the reactions of women I am not married to.

  3. I can’t agree with you more Susan. Since becoming a member of RHD,
    my wife has become SO much more responsive to our love life. Prior
    to joining RHD our sex life was about the same as most couples. I
    now have a greater understanding of my wife’s needs and how to get
    her aroused. She initiates lovemaking more often.

  4. Susan,

    Your advice assumes the woman has no deep internal issues; i.e. being an adult survivor of child sexual abuse. What know how devastating sexual abuse is to the developing child brain; particularly little girls. The earlier it happens, the greater the damages incurred. Such women tend not to want to be lead sexually any where. The stats say that 1/4 of women have been sexually abused as children. What do you do about a woman who has such baggage, and chooses not to get professional help? With the stats being so high as I’ve stated, it is no wonder that greater than half of all marriages in the US end in divorce in less than 5 years. Personally, I’d like to here what you can instruct a woman to do to become more sexually aroused toward their man. This should be interesting.

    • Jeff I would hope you would trust in RHD process and give it a try before you naysay it. There are many avenues to bridge connection issues that perhaps you could begin together by understanding and setting the atmosphere in a positive way that would draw such woman towards you.

  5. I think it`s not a problem if you choose to help man only even if we both(man,woman)have problem, if my wife have her intimate problem she can go to see her gineco, but me have a teeth problem I go to the dentist. We all man need our personal consultant. I`m so glad you (Susan) choos to be that one.thanks

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