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All Kinds of Awesome Touch

All Kinds of Awesome Touch

Becoming a master of touch is easy.

There are a few concepts you’ll learn and then you will be irresistible.

  • Touching For Rapture (touching for your own pleasure, instead of touching for effect)
  • Touching To The Bone (touching deeply rather than on the surface of the skin)
  • The Four Kinds of Touch (knowing the different styles of touch you can use)
  • The Magic of “Catch and Release” Touch (a stealthy way to make someone want you more)
  • The Make Out Massage (a whole body touch that feels incredible)

And so much more.

If you are a cuddle monster who loves the feel of skin on skin, you have come to the right place!

Over the next weeks and months I’ll be showing you many different ways you can feel more pleasure and create more pleasure with your lover.

Thanks for joining our Insider’s Club. These emails will be free with our compliments so we can earn your trust as a source of quality lovemaking advice.

You’ll get to meet each of our four experts, Dr. Patti Taylor, Tallulah Sulis, Sloane Fox and myself, Susan Bratton.


If you reply to our emails, we get them and will email you back.

Here’s to more touch and more love!


  1. Stamina increase mathod what is

    • am so please of what you are introducing here please send all what can help me master the touch

  2. Look forward to reading about your technics etc..

    • Touch & Stimiliting feeling is a very Exciting
      Experience! Gentle strokes and pressure are
      Marvelious Experiences!
      I look forward to more Pleasurable Experiences
      & Open Coments from Interested Females!

  3. I feel obligated to satisfy my partner at any time we meet to make her happy and proud of me. I need to give her variations and last longer that she can always say thank you very much my honey. I really need expertise help to do my best to my lovely partner. It is very shameful and disappointing to any woman when a man fail to perform as expected.

    • I am very hot I can do it very well.

      • I am not only hot, but I am fire , I wish you were with me we could burn to gether. LOVE , Nemat , Washington DC

      • I like teh hot lady, but till now I could not find any like that.

  4. Too much pressure to perform leads to an inability to perform.
    Relax lots of foreplay and touching everything else but the one place they want to be touched.

  5. it is interesting

  6. Ok… me what I am up against. I haven’t made up my mind as of yet.

  7. I would love to have agrilfrind

  8. I need to know the right place on a female to touch that could easily arouse her sexual desires.
    My wife is really defensive when I try to have sex with her…

    • Comment

    • Kiss and suck her on the back of her neck and upper back and shoulders. I think that should do it.

      • I’ve been doing that for a long time now, and it never fails 😉

    • Same case with me

  9. Im the magic of catch and release touch what can you show and tell me

  10. I’d love to acquire those technics

  11. I’m interested to learn how to perform that awesome touch. A touch is more than a word as they say.

  12. Hmmm Hmmm absolutely

  13. Dear Susan, thank you so much for everything that you and PLM have taught and shown me for the last few months. I am richer for the knowledge.
    I recently purchased the Passion Patch book and I am having troubles with it. When I to open the file on line it tries ton open it it through my Word 2010 and tells me that the file is corrupt and can not be opened. Then, I saved it as Word file and it did open but the text is scrambled and quite illegible.
    Would you help me please? Thank you very much, I am very pleased with my materials otherwise and I assure that I remain a fan and a customer.

  14. I discovered that my wife of 18 years had a lover by accident I found her phone ringing and then a meage poped up hello hunney I am glad you can walk again would you like to meet again.
    I was evastated and on confronting her with this message the dreaded words “we need to have a talk” came out and my life seemed to dissapear down that hole of despair and ll I could reply OK right now is a good time. I have to clarify that I was 20 years her senior so need to understand that having age disparity can influence the physical aspects of a relationship however I had not been prepared for that realistic shock that was inevitable all marriages have to face where there is a age disctrepancy must be faced.
    in retrospect I should just have walked away but my love for her had not changed so I stayed and accepted her indiscretion and her promise of fidelity providing I can give her what she is entitled to on a physical and emotional plane aqnd never having strayed fom the promised path before it was easy to comply however now I am 72 and not getting the enjoyment of marriage I am beginning to look around because the years may be there but the deire and energy is still there in abundance.
    So if there are unattached beaauties reding my confessions be aware I am a serious contender for physical pleasure

    • where is the point I need to touch?

    • I found what you said encouraging. I’m a man who is getting older.

  15. I’m looking forward to see ur tactics. .

  16. would you touch me on my penis

    • I would like to acquire the techniques of touching ?

  17. I’ve been around a long time…doesn’t mean I know everything….

  18. Show me these touch techniques I’m waiting. Thanks.

  19. Hi Susan,
    As this is my first time to communicate with you i must say Thanks for your Email which i regards as a real concern to me. Susan don’t get tired of me as I said before i am new in this kind of communication and i want to learn more from you of how can i do the Awesome Touch to satisfy my partner.
    I am really interested to acquire those techniques
    Best regards.

  20. getting information that’s really new.

  21. I love sex

  22. Try you feel like can get this cup and plate start to move it. Have
    You see me next to bet you on the to the a spoon you said why in the bowl .make good company .kat share. With heart. My name make you in ur soul baby. Close you eye you will see me. Love me ..onion salsas bbbbb.yea

  23. Very interesting info. Touching is a sensual thing to do with your wife, she’ll love it.

  24. Just stand them on their head and llick them lick an all day lollipop

  25. i can do it all the time

  26. I need ur magic touch susan. My girl is too defensive when I need her

  27. Looking forward to your emails

  28. Hi I’m anxious to learn the secret of the touch. I’m flabbergasted that just touching a lady will loosen her up.

  29. This is something that many of man did not know,you have made us as men very happy for that i thank you.

  30. Just trying to see if anything I am reading is of any use. It is like reading, (i.e. walking in to), the tail end of a long conversation and the NOUN has left the building.

  31. Looking forward to the knowledge and information

  32. I would like to know more information’s, about the touch tech.
    really useful and quite interesting.


  33. salut envoyer photos de votre sexe

  34. I really need help with my love life and I could use your help

  35. Susan, I will take it on myself to apologize for the bad manners (and lack of respect) displayed by some of the people who left comments above. I can understand how some of us need as much help as we do. I am a very big fan and admirer of yours and all of your associates who labor in the vineyards to help us men understand the mysterious and confusing ways of women. It’s all too obvious that we men need all the help we can get. Thank you for persevering.

  36. Yeah thank you for your invitation
    I am just following closely to learn whatever is
    given that will be useful tool to me as a man.
    thank you

  37. Hi Susan thanks for getting me to see that there is A lot to learn about A woman’s body. Been so long since we been together we both needed reviving. The awesome touch has.been very helpful to me thanks

  38. Hi Susan thanks for getting me to see that there is A lot to learn about A woman’s body. Been so long since we been together we both needed reviving. The awesome touch has.been very helpful to me thanks

  39. Looking forward ur tactic..I want to know..


  41. I wanted for the women to get the most pleasure so I’m special thanks to yours all

  42. Thank you I look forward to the journey

  43. Looking forward for it…

  44. Arousing touch varies as per her mood

  45. Hi Susan, thank you for your good teaching

  46. Want to know what to do on bed to make her wild

  47. I’d luv to learn those technic n be a guy women luv to be with….

  48. Looking forward to reading.

  49. I love you and your ideas Thanks to the fact that I have never been engaged nor made out with anybody could you help me find a female ranked 10who would enjoy sharing with one another body to body and many other positions as well

  50. Has anyone actualy been able to open the techniques and put them to use? Weird comments above and everything is so vague…

  51. Don’t keep me waiting, I need to know where to touch on a women bodies to get her arouse. I need to learn all the magic touches I can learn.

  52. eager bto read the touch tehniques pages

  53. Wanna know the different kinds of touch on a woman’s body, thank you & luv u !!!

  54. “Yes” I would like to know just where to touch a Lady or woman.

  55. can hardly to try out your where to touch a lady my lady that is.

  56. Willing to learn all I can!

  57. PLM is a great site but what is with all the seemingly immature wierdos with wierd comments on here. Can you stop propositioning non existent women and making stupid comments like will you touch my penis? Stop asking with help meeting a “willing” participant as if theyre going to send a woman to your residence and grow up this is not theyre job. They will in fact help in many ways through programs of thier own as well as others and tons of free info in emails ans the website but its up to you to use it.

  58. This good my friend. I want to enjoy sex every time with my lover. I am here in Zimbabwe remember me. Sex is good forever.

  59. Susan, more of those pictures please!

  60. I’m looking forward in reading your touch technique.


  62. I could very much use any help you can recommend.

  63. Dear Susan, Any information is very appreciated ,I do love to sleep nude cuddling with my lover, I am eager to learn from you.

  64. I love to sleep nude cuddling with my lover and am eager to learn more about any sensual technique. Thank you.

  65. Dear Susan

    I like to coddle up and watching tv but some time we doing some touching but girl getting arose when I Tuchman her clutters and she get so arose and intends ” your truly

  66. Dear Susan
    You are remarkably the best. I want to learn some more techniques and all kinds of awesome touch with your offer.

  67. I massage my wife whole body at night after work facing each other before sleeping and hips, V area with any expectations just for her to relax sometime score that night or about early morning. This week rocked it about 7 times. Looking forward for tonight. As she cums whispher in her ear you want to cum for me while caressing her neck and sucking her ears and touching her nipple which makes reprogramming my touch and words to her big O with her needs any time.

  68. I’d gone through many years of life, learning more with each relationship. As time passed, I kept an open mind, I believe it’s the piece of the puzzle that separates the poor,the average and a great lover. I thought I knew quite a bit, only to find out there’s still a great plenty more to absorb after having met you girls.

    To me, you women, Susan, Patti, Sloane, and Tallulah aren’t a motley crew out to over-hype one of the most wonderful things in life to swindle a buck (like so many so-called gurus), you’re a true gift to both genders.

    It’s not just the incite of the information given on numerous levels, oh no, there’s the delectable way of delivery that makes it beautiful. God save the Queen, I would sorely be amiss if I failed to mention the delightfully humorous and serious interviews allowed to the intelligent ones who took the time to hear them out. The awesome thing with it all, you don’t preach “holier than thou”, you speak “with” the people, a huge difference.

    Anywho, had there been anything I wish were different . . . it would be to have found this site long ago. Please keep up the presents of you time, efforts and talents, I’m more than sure you’re making a lot of people happy.

  69. i want more of that info

  70. Now that I have found myself single again, there one thing that I miss the most. No it isn’t making love although that is right up there, but it’s feeling skin on skin, that sensual feeling of warm silk under your hands or fingers, feeling her head rest on the chest has you caress her side or back, or just hold her. I think it is the hardest part of being alone, and not knowing if you will ever have that again

  71. You’ve offered the best in this subject matter.

  72. I look forward to your thrilling techniques to please my girls.

  73. Sounds interesting but only thing every woman will have different magic touch spot ??

  74. Susan and all. I have been a member of your insider’s club for almost the full ten years. I have lifetime rights to of your programs and papers. I have stacks of your stuff so if you haven’t changed and or updated them only send me the newer stuff. Bob M

  75. Can’t wait to receive your emails. There is one particular woman that I am interested in. She is involved with one guy and married to another, but the guy she is with now I believe is all wrong for her, in more ways than one. I would love to have her as mine and we work together which helps my chances. I hope your info helps.

  76. I love to touch and female my woman so I can’t wait learn how to touch her better.

  77. I want to know more about this Touch. Especially the where, the hoe, and if there is a when.

  78. love to learn to touch her to make her aroused without flat out asking her if she would like to. to be able to get her into the mood naturally. can’t wait to read your books to absorb this knowlege to make me better for her

  79. I’m ready.

  80. for good stamina , full tightness power enjoy sex long time any medicine please suggest without any side effect or infection

  81. Wow….I just join this site and I think I’ve gotten almost all what I was missing. Can’t wait to learn all the techniques

  82. Teach me..

  83. Can’t wait to use with my wife!

    • Excellent!

  84. I love your articles! Please increase my capability to relay my love through the art of sensual touch. I love my wife and at times I feel that I do not fully relay my true love by words alone!

  85. Hi Susan,
    This is my first communication to you and I must say that don’t get tired of me as I am new in this kind of communication and I want to learn more from you of how can I do the Awesome Touch to satisfy my partner.I am really interested to acquire those techniques.

    Kind regards,

    Ishwar Singh Batra

    • Hi Ishwar,
      We are happy to have you with us.

  86. I can`t wait for my copy of your book so I can try it out on my girl friend

  87. Looking forward to your special enlightenment.

  88. its awaresome. How I wish i got it now and begin

  89. please mam send me the diffrent touching tecnicks so that ican try on my wife becouse she always says no whenever i am in the mood but after my 1st doughter birth her mood of having sex with me has gone totally please help me

  90. Please send me the touching tecniques. Thanks a lot.

  91. yeah. waiting eagerly for the techniques, Susan. Thanks for the expert touch, also help me with names of hormonal medicines for my wife who has sort of become frigid at the young age of 53. Thanks

  92. I just wanna start off by saying thank you for sharing everything that you have so far. Your really helping me come out of my shell as i was in a 29 year relationship that ultimately endind up ending. I am actually in the beginning stages of something really special with a man that we both have a real connection with each other. It feels so amazing and i feel totally alive again. I read all your emails and its giving me the confidence to open myself up to him and him opening up to me as well. Im so looking forward to trying new and exciting things with this incredible man thats in my life. We are very new to each other but at the same time we have known each other for 20 years or so but at the same time have always been attracted to each other but never new it because i was in a relationship and deemed untouchable. Now that we’re together and exploring each other its been amazing and very emotional at the same time. A lot of what you talk about in regards to being emotionally connected……we already have for one and other and i want to keep that feeling going forever. I really look forward to trying new things with him from what ive learned from you and i just wanna say thank you for giving me hope that we can have that happiness and fulfillment that we’ve both been craving. He also had been in a relationship that seemed to be one sided as was mine so i think that we’re gunna be really good for each other and with a little help from you it will keep us that much closer to a happiness that we both deserve and have been deprived of for so long. Im really excited to see where we end up together and i say that with the up most confidence because something inside me really feels it.

    Thanks again and ill keep you posted on our happiness……😉

    • Touch is precious and knowing more to touch with greater effectiveness will be a privilege.

  93. What is the secret innocuous place on a woman’s body?

  94. Looking forwardnto the e-mails

  95. I need to know the right place on a female to touch that could easily arouse her sexual desires. By touchig the right place hopely wy lady will addicted to it. Please show me how?

  96. ma am good day i am very much interested of your book but my problem is i do not have a credit card what other option to pay ma am thanks gerry

  97. Well Susan, I have always thought my touch is already good as thus far in my life no woman has ever said no to me while I am touching her. However I am always open to new ideas and improving my skills, so I am interested in what you can teach me!:-)

  98. I look forward to hear from you the details.

  99. when I’ve gotten a chance to try it

  100. I have been enjoying your teachings for more than a year. My sex life is great thanks to your information sharing. You have videos and pictures that are not porn and are received well by my partners. It just keeps getting better.

    I think this relationship will last.

    Many Thanks

  101. I would love to have ur article on the subject mentioned ibid.

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