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Expand Her Orgasm Tonight – Start Here Guide

This is the the place to start with the Expand Her Orgasm Tonight 21 Day Program for Partners. You’ll need adobe acrobat to read this eBook. You can read it on-line, download it to your computer and even print it out.

This is a guide to the components of the program and how they work together. Refer to it, as needed.

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9 Responses

  1. I wish these comments were dated so I would have an idea whether or not Tim’s friend was comfortable describing the ad he placed on a dating site that generated positive responses from women who wanted to learn more about Extended Orgasms. Also, his specific initial contacts with the learning partner he chose would also be very helpful. One would think some approaches would be better than others.

  2. Hi Eric,

    It’s a good idea. I’ll check with him and see if it’s OK to share it. I’m sure other guys would like to see it too.

  3. Tim and Dr. Patti,

    I found your replies most insightful especially Tim’s. I would be curious as to what his internet ad looked like and what specific language he used? I would also be interested in knowing what he said when he met them the first time and what practices he took them through step by step from the first meeting to the last one? That may require some detail to answer but I am very interested in finding a partner in the context in which you talked about in your answer.

  4. Hi Eric,

    That’s a great question. How do you learn the “practice” when you don’t have a partner?

    It turns out that a lot of women are very intrigued by the idea of learning the practice once they know that it exists. For many women the idea of relaxing complete and surrendering to a man who is solely focused on their pleasure it totally new to them. Once they understand that you are going to give them pleasure and, for the purposes of the practice at least, expect nothing, many women will become curious and want to give it a try.

    However, sometimes it can be difficult to bring up the subject for the first time… or perhaps you don’t currently know a woman who would make an appropriate partner.

    A friend of mine was in exactly this same situation and he used the following strategy with GREAT SUCCESS!. I’ll share it here with you just in case you find it helpful.

    First he created an ad and posted it on a internet dating site. The ad was tasteful and sincerely written. He shared that he was studying expanded orgasm and that he was looking for a partner to learn the practice with him. In the ad he explained exactly what would happen on the date, what he would do, what she would do, etc. exactly as the course material outlines.

    He place the ad and then waited.

    The next day he had received a reply, then another, and another and another. It turns out that there were a lot of women who genuinely wanted to experience expanded orgasms!

    He corresponded with them all before choosing the one that he thought would make the best partner with whom to learn the practice. He based it on a number of factors, one of which being that she was not the type of woman he was typically attracted to. He wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t fall in love with her and that their relationship would be based on their mutual goals of giving her expanded orgasms.

    They agreed to see each other once a week, solely for the purpose of having “DO dates”. This provided a boundary around their activities (i.e. they agreed not to have intercourse – this was just to learn the practice).

    They continued having DO dates once a week for a few months. As time went by he mastered the practice and as his confidence increased he found it easier to discuss it with women to whom he was attracted. It turns out many of the women he met were interested in having expanded orgasms too.

    Ultimately he found a girlfriend and she was very happy that he had already mastered the practice.

    1. Im in the same situation and would be very interested in leaning more on how he made the most online.

  5. Dear Eric,

    How you communicate about this information depends to some extent on what motivates you to learn this information.

    What are your priorities when meeting someone? Do you want to be sure they will want to practice Expanded Orgasm with you (at one end of the spectrum)? Are you looking for Ms. Right, and just hoping she’ll take a fancy to this information (another end of the spectrum)? Are you most turned on by the chances for communication and intimacy inherent in the program (yet another possible motive)? There are so many possible reasons, and you will have your own set or blend of goals.

    You can show your partner that you purchased this program. She will wonder why you are showing her, too. She will want to know what your motives and priorities are.

    So, you can use this purchase as a way to get to know your partner better and reveal a bit about yourself. Tell her what aspects appeal to you in particular.

    What a great way to find out her opinions and attitudes about Expanded Orgasm. Is she curious? Apprehensive – (if so you can explain why these teachings can help immensely with women who do have performance anxiety about “male-style” climb-and-burst orgasm). Is she thrilled? (It can happen!).

    Based on your conversation you can suggest (or have her choose) an introductory exercise or two that will create a nice sense of connection, and go from there.

    My partner bought me a book on Extended Orgasm on my second date, years ago. I had never heard of it but thought it was interesting, nonetheless. I wish I could have had some immediate experience of the practice – even if it was just a simple connection exercise – rather than just reading the book.

    Soon I will tell a new partner about my work in Expanded Orgasm. He has no idea that I teach this! I am going to do just this same thing: show him the book, and let him know one or two things that I enjoy about Expanded Orgasm. I’ll suggest something we can try together that will be fun. Small steps are fun and easiest to take initially.

    Best to you,
    Dr. Patti

  6. Dear Dr Patti,

    I’m somewhat confused as to how to use this information with women I have just met. I won’t be walking someone new through a 21 day program and wonder how I should introduce this practice to someone for the first time? I feel that there would be a lot of pressure to make a good impression the very first time in order for the person to want to try again? So what advice would you give to single people like me who are looking for potential partners realizing that I dont have a serious girlfriend and am not currently living with anyone and really dont want to?

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