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Stroke Techniques Workshop: Bonus Module – Staying On Her Favorite Spot

There is a place on every woman’s clitoris that is her most sensitive, favorite spot to be stroked.
For 75% of women, it’s around 2:00 o’clock under her clitoral hood.
Try the Stop/Start exercise to find her spot, then go to that spot for the reliable Expanded Orgasm stroking pattern.

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  1. Its so wonderful, because now am beginning to learn and know things thatI had no idea they existed when it comes to sex. My wife now asks a lot of questions as to where I get all the things I show her. Thank you so much Susan and your team. I don’t even know how I landed here BUT, I consider myself lucky to have gotten hold of all your teachings to make us BETTER LOVERS, & now WE ARE. Thank you.

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