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Setting The Loverspace: What She Wishes She Could Tell You Before Your Lovemaking Date

Here’s a little conversation I overheard where the woman had a lovemaking date with the man and very frankly asked for everything she would need so that when they arrived in his home for their liaison, she could relax completely and just surrender to her desire for her.

She took care of small needs in advance so nothing would get in her way when she was with him.  You can overhear and learn from this too. Ask yourself:

Am I setting the Loverspace* well so she can let go into her bliss with me?

“I can come over around 5:15 and stay until 10.
Can you pick me up and bring me home?
Will you take a Viagra and a decongestant for me?
Can you put some attention on your finger and toenails – cut them and file them smooth with an emery board. Put some organic coconut oil on your feet if they are scratchy.
Make sure your fingernails are short and smooooooth.  Put organic coconut oil on your hands, rub it in liberally, and dry off the excess oil with a towel. It comes right out in the wash.
There’s nothing sexier than a scrupulously groomed man.
Also remember to use scissors to trim back your pubic hair.
Can you get some bottled water?
Can you remember to turn on the heater when you leave so it’s warm when we get there? Will you put some candles in the room that we can light when we get there?

That will let me get turned on faster.

Thanks, baby.
Oh, and can you set out some extra hand and bath towels?
We’re going to need them.”

[You can tell the people who have very passionate sex – they know how wet it gets! They emphasize towels.]

* The concept of setting the Loverspace is explained in Session 2 of Expand Her Orgasm Tonight.

With love,
Sloane Fox

3 Responses

  1. No problem, I’ll do that and more. One condition: Her body needs be in great shape like the picture here.

    Sorry girls, the really hot guys can afford to be picky. We put time and effort into being hot and skillful and sexy – you too please. No excuses.

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