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How to Get Your Wife To Initiate Sex [Mailbag]

How to Get Your Wife To Initiate Sex [Mailbag]



How can I get my wife to come to me for sex before I come to her?

– Pro



Hi Pro,

You are asking me how to get your wife to initiate sex with you?

As proof that she desires you, so you know for certain she wants you?

Well, that’s a very tricky question because, in general, biologically it’s the man’s role to lead and the woman’s role to follow, so you are actually asking her to do something that is not in her DNA.

Nonetheless, many women will initiate if they feel very comfortable with their partner.

Have you talked to your wife about your desire for her to initiate?

Sometimes the woman doesn’t want to, not because she doesn’t want to have sex with you, but because she is sexually shy, or feels she won’t be able to keep the whole lovemaking date going, and if she starts it, she might be required to finish it.

Other women do give signals, signals so subtle that their man doesn’t pick up on it…

I suggest you talk to your wife about why it’s meaningful to have her start the process and see what her response is and go from there.

Can you do that?

Thanks for asking.

Here are four resources for you to read for further information as well:

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Follow Her Thoughts To The Core

Sloane Fox

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