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Strokes For Your Wife or GF To Make You Firmer & Longer

Strokes For Your Wife or GF To Make You Firmer & Longer

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Hi Sloane,

Please point me to that article describing how my wife can stimulate the non-exposed part of my peni shaft — resulting over time in a harder and larger manhood? 



Here are some of our articles about massaging your buried member to enlarge it and bring more pleasure.

Cup His Buried Shaft
4 Hand Moves That Bring Incredible Pleasure
The Famous, “Chinglalinga” Position!

And since we’re talking about your buried member, here’s advice for stroking her buried nub:

Expanded Orgasm: “It’s not about the location of her clit. It’s a mindset, and an energy. And practice.”

(Read this last one asap because we may be removing this article and turning it into a paid product.)

Let me know if your wife plays with your buried shaft and if you like the way it feels and if it makes you harder and firmer like it has for us.

P.S. The book — 50 Shades of Foreplay — is available for you to grab right now as my gift.

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  1. I have a concern that my wife have reached the age of 55 years she had lost her desire of sex .She claimed that she had lost the sex desire due to her period had stopped and no more such a pleasure in enjoying sex. How to over come such problem , thanks.

    • Many women believe that menopause means the end of sex. It’s simply not true!.

      There are so many women who are enjoying the best sex of their lives into their 60s and 70s.

      There is a lot of information on our site about things you can do to help:
      Limiting beliefs about desire
      Limiting beliefs about body image
      Sex After Menopause – What a Guy Can Do

    • Hi Liew,
      There’s no reason menopause should make a woman desire less sex unless it is a belief she has chosen to hold. For many women, post-menopausal sex is the best sex of their lives. They have less worry about their body needing to be perfect, they can’t get pregnant and they have more time to make love. It is your opportunity to guide her to her pleasure.
      Revive Her Drive is our program for helping men lead their women back to more and better lovemaking. I suggest you try the easy four-step turn around plan.

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