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#1 MAJOR KEY To Increase Your Sensual Pleasure

How to FEEL MORE ‘Down There’

You are probably familiar with the saying that “it takes 20 minutes for a woman to get aroused, where it only takes men a few minutes.”

Many people believe that’s how long foreplay should last before you begin intercourse. I disagree.

Unless you’re twenty years old and highly turned on by your partner, most women need a lot longer to get aroused and prepared for intercourse.

First you need to relax and get intimately connected as a couple.

That takes a while with the stresses of life.

A really good, long, relaxing hug helps a lot! ===> Read My “Best Hug In The World” Formula

Secondly, you need time to get your genitals engorged.

What is Engorgement? (scroll down to learn this #1 Major Key to Your Sensual Pleasure)


Hi, I’m Dr. Patricia Taylor, but everybody just calls me, “Dr. Patti.” I am the creator of a couple of our wonderful programs at Personal Life Media. And the leader in Expanded Orgasm for over twenty years. If you are new to our list, you will love all the free and amazing sexuality advice we have to offer. Now, about engorgement…

Engorgement means to fill with blood. You know how a man’s penis gets erect when it fills with blood, right?

A woman’s genitals all upside her and all around the outside also have that same erectile tissue.

If we don’t take the time to get all that tissue aroused, we are leaving a ton of pleasure out of our experience.


The worst culprit isn’t guys rushing us women… it’s us women rushing ourselves.

Men LOVE to give women incredible pleasure. Especially if they get good feedback.

The best way to engorge a woman’s genitals is through sensual massage.

Guys, put a towel down under your lady. Pour a bunch of organic avocado (my favorite) or coconut oil into your hands.

Rub it ALLLLLLL around your hands and fingers so every inch of your hands is full of oil.

Then start very lightly on her abdomen, inside her thighs and on her mons pubis.

Slowly and lightly knead her tissue to get it feeling alive to your touch. Don’t just rub the skin, gently massage deep enough so that you are getting the subcutaneous tissue. Remember, you are trying to bring blood to the whole genital area.

As she warms up and relaxes you can begin to rub in downward strokes on the areas that are typically covered in pubic hair.

This gets her vestibular bulbs — part of her clitoral complex — engorged and puffy. ===> See The Vestibular Bulbs

Those puffy pillows feel good to be pushed down on with even pressure with your hands and later with your groin as you penetrate her.

When all that external vulval tissue is jiggly like jello (could take 5-10 massages to get gelatinous but will continue to respond more and more over time) the woman will know when she wants his fingers to begin touching the labia, the clitoris and the inner vaginal area and G-area.

Ladies, please take your time and ALLOW yourself to receive this loving touch from your man!

You can’t get better in bed if you don’t invite yourself to just feel good from his touch.

And if he needs some help with how to touch you, tell him the first few times. He’ll get the hang of it.

A good lover trains his or her partner to your tastes of that day. Because every day is different.

That’s the bottom line. As you engorge your genitals, you will feel more pleasurable sensations and sex will feel better and get better.


Same goes for men. A good hand massage on his penis, scrotum and perineal area will improve his penile health and set in a good base of engorgement to make his penis erect from the root to the tip.

Just take some time and some organic massage oil (coconut and avocado are edible and act as lubricant for intercourse) and play with each other’s genitals as a part of your foreplay.

In just a couple sessions, maybe even the very first massage session, you’ll feel much more sensational pleasure from each other’s touch.

Email me back any questions you have.

Get Puffy,
Dr. Patti

P.S. Here is another link about Engorgement. <=== Feel More Sensation In Your Genitals. But be careful when you get to our website not to sign up for every free book we offer or you will end up getting overwhelmed with emails from us. Take your time. Read a few of our emails. Figure out where you want to put your attention. And then choose some of our free reports. We’ll be here for you when you’re ready.



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  1. Mi compañera ha perdido el deseo de tener relaciones sexuales ya que ella entro en el periodo de la menopausia.
    Que puede hacer ella para volver a sentir ese deseo?
    My partner has lost the desire to have sex since she entered the menopause period.
    What can she do to feel that desire again?

  2. Very interesting information about the female and man anatomy and warming up the ladies and taking our time.
    CJ II

  3. Thanks Patti, Great descriptions. I liked the description of gradually stroking the body befor stroking the clitoris and vagina. Any comments on initial approach to stimulating the mind befor any actual physical touching, words, images suggestions. Any thing you want to add about using the tongue and fingers together sucking and stroking simultaneously.

    1. I like the idea of yours “Truth Paradise” of stimulating the mind using words, Images, suggestions before any physical touching begins. It might help get my wife in the mood for a good massage.

  4. Why don’t you include photos? This would certainly help us guys have a better understanding. We’re more visual characters. Reading just doesn’t get it for us.



  5. thanks for the information i am 69 and still like to learn more about sexuality all the time your information gives me a desire to learn more

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