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Karl’s GAINSWave & P Shot Experience

Karl’s GAINSWave & P Shot Experience

I took my friend Karl to get a P-Shot and GAINSWave procedure from Dr. Judson Brandeis. Karl was so kind to let me share these photos with you to see what the procedures look like.

Karl is 64 and has an excellent erectile function, but he noticed he was feeling the beginnings of delayed ejaculation. It was taking a little longer to achieve orgasm when he was having sex. I explained that the atrophy of aging includes sensation loss. Stimulating new tissue growth through the combination of the micro-damage of GAINSWave with the healing factors of the P Shot at the same time encourages new tissue growth. 

GAINSWave also improves vascularization, which means more blood flow. More blood flow creates a firmer erection. A stronger erection is larger. More tissue volume sends more pleasure signals to the brain. More signs make it easier to come. 


The GAINSWave and P-Shot also improve nerve tissue. More nerve tissue means you can feel more pleasure. Orgasmic intensity returns along with ease of achieving climax.

 gainswave procedure

Here’s Karl and I in the waiting room. He wasn’t nervous because I’d explained to him how it would go and that neither procedure hurts. 

First, Dr. B’s assistant drew blood from Karl’s arm for the P-Shot.

 gainswave procedure

Karl’s blood is put into the centrifuge. The red and white blood cells are removed, leaving the fibrin-rich matrix called PRP or platelet-rich plasma. This is a concentration of healing and growth factors that repair the microdamage from the GAINSWave treatment. The GAINSWave spurs new tissue growth, blood supply, and nerve sensation, so you feel like you have a 34-year old penis instead of a 64-year old penis.

This is what you end up with —a small amount of very concentrated healing liquid from your own body.

 gainswave procedure

First, Dr. Judd has his tech do the GAINSWave treatment. Then he follows with the P Shot at the end.

Dr. Brandeis has top-of-the-line equipment, including this Eclipse machine for sending the shockwaves into the penile tissue. 

“Pulse Wave Therapy utilizes an internal ballistic projectile to transfer pulse wave energy through the handpiece. An acoustic sound wave, which diffuses energy as it travels away from the applicator tip, creates a therapeutic effect as it passes through the target tissue.”

The tech runs the handpiece up and down the shaft, the buried shaft at the base, and the perineal area. Dr. Judd has had good luck helping guys who’ve had prostatectomies recover erectile function as well as just reversing atrophy from aging, issues from heart disease and erection problems from diabetes and injury. 

Many guys in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s like Karl are going in for GAINSWave treatments to prevent ED, not just reverse it. 

 gainswave procedure

The GAINSWave treatments don’t hurt. They are noisy from the acoustic wave, but they are not painful. Some men do feel like they got “dick punched” for a few days after, or like they worked out hard and are sore. 

Karl was so pleased to have the procedures that he laughed and had a good time during the treatment. These protocols are a luxury. When you are grateful, this type of treatment is a celebration. 

 gainswave procedure

The GAINSWave wand is pushed into the buried shaft of the penis, not just along the outer shaft. This helps get all the tissue activated.

Typically, GAINSWave treatments are done in groups of six. Two treatments twice a week for six weeks is standard. Some men need two or three rounds to reverse atrophy and neuropathy from heart disease or diabetes.  And for some, it doesn’t work. But GAINSWave practitioners can give you a reasonable estimate of whether the treatment will help your specific issues.

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If you fill out requests for more information on the GAINSWave site, use Promo Code BETTER in the comments box, and you’ll get a 7th treatment free if you end up moving forward. That is a FANTASTIC bonus. So definitely get that 7th treatment. 

Once you do GAINSWave, you won’t believe how much sensation you lost as you aged and how much better sex is again. 

Using a penis pump after the treatments improves the overall outcome. When you go home and pump while you have the treatments, you’re bringing more blood into your penis. The blood has healing and growth factors and oxygen for repairing the damage of the GAINSWave treatment. Here is my Pump Guide to explain how to pump, the only pump I recommend, and why other pumps are crap. 

Click Here For My Pumping Guide ⇐ Follow This Protocol with this Pump for Maximum Benefits of Pumping

 gainswave procedure

These treatments, the stack of GAINSWave, P-Shot, and the WHOPPER pump are improving your blood-carrying capacity and sensation. You’ll have more elastic tissue and veins because they will be returned to a more youthful state. 

The P-Shot PRP is injected into the two corpus cavernosum — the two big erectile chambers of your penis. These are the blood-holding chambers that give you firmness.

 gainswave procedure

Dr. Judd uses a penile ultrasound to make sure he’s injecting into the two corpus cavernosum. You’re numb from lidocaine, so you don’t feel the injections.

 gainswave procedure

His assistant holds Karl’s penis while Dr. Brandeis navigates with the ultrasound to locate the injection sites ideally.

 gainswave procedure

In the end, they constrict the base of the shaft to make sure the PRP goes down the penis into the spongy tissue and is fully absorbed. Then the penis is wrapped, and Karl is free to go!

There is no “recovery” from these treatments. A man is often encouraged to go home and make love to exercise his erectile function.

Dr. Judd also stacks Nitric Oxide boosters with the treatment. Our FLOW Nitric Oxide Booster is something you can take every night and before sex to support healthy blood flow.

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If you are low in Testosterone, this also creates erectile issues. Most GAINSWave practitioners can have their testosterone levels checked. You can supplement with SupporT to help your body maintain healthy testosterone levels. 

I carry Dr. Brandeis’ supplement to support healthy testosterone in my warehouse. It’s the best T supplement I’ve found.

Give SupporT a Try ⇐ Promotes Healthy Testosterone Levels (Take This With FLOW) 

Here we all are at the end of a straightforward procedure.

If you don’t live near a GAINSWave practitioner or you want to give yourself shockwave treatments at home, you can now purchase the PhoenixHIM device. There is also a PhoenixHER device now too. 

The PhoenixHIM Benefits: 

  • Amplified blood flow 
  • Enhanced rigidity 
  • Better sensitivity and pleasure 
  • Reduces penis refractory time 

The PhoenixHER Benefits: 

  • Amplifies orgasms 
  • Enhances and restores lubrication capability 
  • Boosts sensitivity and arousal 
  • Reduces stress and urinary incontinence 

Check out their respective websites for video demonstrations and more reports for more information on these fantastic devices. 

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 gainswave procedure


The BIG advantage of the PhoenixHim and PhoenixHER is that you can use them in the comfort of your home. No need to go to a clinic. No need to visit the doctor each time. 

DIY Penis and Vaginal Rejuvenation are available at an incredibly affordable price. 

It’s the most effective at-home acoustic wave device ever created. 

The PhoenixHim and PhoenixHER use advanced sound waves to break up the plaque within the penis and vagina’s blood vessels while regenerating new blood vessels via angiogenesis. 

And while the previous versions of these devices can only offer a limited number of treatments before clocking out, these new units can give you unlimited treatments. 

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 gainswave procedure

So no matter how you take care of your genitals — at home or a GAINSWave practitioner — you can have great function for many more years.  

Let me know if you have any questions. And thanks again to Karl for allowing me to go along and take photos for you. And thanks to Dr. Judson Brandeis and his team for their excellence.

I hope you enjoyed this article. 

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