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Slim Prostate Massage Tool with Cool App!

I will not stop harping on a man’s need to be proactive with prostate health. I know how long it takes to absorb all the reasons you want to try something new, like introducing a vibrator into your butt.

So here is another warning. Your testosterone makes you think you are more invincible than you are.

uncheckedProstate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American men after skin cancers.

unchecked1-in-8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime

uncheckedProstate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men

Prostate massage is a way to get the healing oxygenation of blood flow into that muscle-and-gland that mixes your semen and sperm, controls your ejaculation volume and response, and is the culprit behind many men’s urination issues.

Here is a photo of me holding up the three prostate massage tools so you can see a size comparison. On the far right, the blue one is the Molto. It’s slim and has a COOL app that lets you create a custom vibration “melody” on your phone that you can enjoy. And you can stroke your penis while you’re doing your prostate massage care. Bonus points for ejaculating!

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The Molto is the slimmest. The PleX is the second slimmest. Vice 2 is fatter. None of these are bigger than your morning poo. They will all fit up your butt with no issue. 

Molto curves to your body’s dimensions. You can wear this during intercourse as well. It will give you a P-Spot orgasm. And it’s flexible, so you can adjust it perfectly to reach your prostate.

Let’s normalize proactive sexual self-care. Get your wife a Vfit Gold and do this together while you’re watching TV. Couple’s At Home DIY Sexual Self-Care 

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