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Lickety Split: Oral Techniques You’ve Never Seen Before

Lickety Split: Oral Techniques You’ve Never Seen Before

I know what you’re doing. You are so excited to bury your face in her womanly parts and drive her wild with orgasmic bliss that you are headed STRAIGHT to her clitoris with your tongue within the first five seconds of her butterflying her legs open for you.





This is a huge mistake and she’s lying there thinking you are a major rookie.

Here’s what you need to know to be a master lover in the category of cunnilingus.

Her vulva is comprised of a whole system of erectile tissue. The clitoris is just the tip of the iceberg and you must engorge that erectile tissue all around her Yoni before diving under her clitoral hood and stimulating her clitoris.

Because every woman’s pudendal nerve wiring is slightly different, the places they feel the most pleasure differ from woman to woman. Some are particularly innervated in their clitoral area, others up inside their vaginal canal along the urethral area (top of the cave) and others on the bottom wall of their vagina near the perineal sponge.  You must awaken all of these areas for her by stimulating them with your fingers, tongue and penis so she continues to feel more and more pleasurable sensations nearly every time you touch her.  Help her find and increase her sensation all around her whole vaginal area, both inside and out. You are creating new neural pathways from her body to her brain as you stimulate her.

Start on the outside and work your way in slowly. If you go straight for her clitoris it’s TOO MUCH at first. You have to massage her belly, her butt, her thighs, stroke and cup her breasts and chest, run your fingers along the crease where her legs meet her torso.

Then you can start to massage her outer labia and all the places that have pubic hair (or did, before she removed her pubic hair) with long, smooth strokes to her mons venus and her vestibular bulbs.

Look at her Yoni when you start.

It’s flaccid, like your penis before you get an erection.

Your job, before you stick your tongue on her clitoris, is to fluff up all that erectile tissue on her labia majora.  Also notice that her labia minora, the little baby lips inside, will darken in color as she engorges.

Slowly and lovingly press and hold her big lips together between your fingers and send all the sexual energy and turn on you are feeling into her Yoni. Think of this as energetic lovemaking. Release and stroke. Then press again very lightly while you energetically orgasm her.

Over time you will teach her to have orgasms before you even touch her clitoris or put your fingers inside her.

Oral Sex Tips For Cunnilingus

Use your fingers and your tongue in combination. Lick and suckle all around the outside of her vagina before you put a single finger on her clitoris or inside her. Rest one finger gently on the entrance to her vagina, before going inside. The slide your tongue oh, so slowly from that resting finger on the entrance to her vagina (called her “introitus”) and move up, along her slit, right up to her clit.

Hold the tip of your tongue on her clit without moving while you continue to rest your finger on her introitus.

Start lapping and licking her clitoris and remove your finger and take the tip of your tongue up and down her slit a few times, swirling your tongue tip across her clitoral hood back and forth like a windshield wiper.

Go freestyle at this point with all your favorite moves and hers. But do not go inside her vagina yet.

This one is VERY IMPORTANT. You need to get her to a level of arousal where she can start coming. You’ve done the warm up. She’s tantalized and engorged. Now you must deliver your first orgasm or she’ll get performance anxiety and get frustrated with you.

Slowly work your finger inside her as you are freestyle licking all over her vulva. If you need to put a tiny bit of organic avocado oil on the finger you are putting inside her, do so. It’s edible.

I’m not going to get into awakening her whole G-Area in this post. If you do not know every detail about this, if your woman is not having G-Area or vaginal orgasms, get my program called, “Female Liquid Orgasm” which shows you in video exactly how to give her G-Spot pleasure and even ejaculatory orgasms. This is a MUST HAVE skill for every man.  If there is any reason this program is out of your budget, at least start with my free eBook, “The Truth or Myths About Female Ejaculation.”

The sixth concept is the most powerful one.

Alternate between stroking her G-Area inside with the right strokes and pressure (all covered in detail in FLO) and then rubbing across her clit hood very lightly, softly and fast, then go back inside her vagina and give her small, harder, pressure strokes on her G-Area, then go back and do circles around her clit… until she comes.

When you get really good you can add in the blended stroke where you’re doing circles or windshield wipers on her clitoral area with your tongue and fingering her G-Area.

The bottom line is that you actually have to set up quite a bit of variety of sensation that escalates over time so she can keep getting off. If she’s not getting off from this, do not overdo it. MORE isn’t the answer. Laying the base of engorgement in is the answer. That and keeping the sensation delivery consistent when you get to the alternating between G-Area and Clitoral Area.

If you follow this information, you will be able to come her over and over.

The only other thing that is super important, but it probably too much for you to take in yet is the idea of peaking her. Dr. Patti explains this very well in her free report, “The Power and Pleasure of Orgasmic Peaking.”

That’s a good foundation for you to begin giving your woman the oral sex of her life.

Remember to moan, to stop and tell her how much you love the way she tastes and smells, how much she turns you on, what a good girl she is and all kinds of reassurances and positive feedback.

Click image below to download our FREE eBook and discover more how to give her the best orgasms.


  1. This is awesome! Am glad to have learnt alot from this. Thank you so very much for this info. Need more of this. You guyz are great. Love you.

  2. Heavenly advice! XoXoxo 🙁

    Hot Kisses – Kalju

  3. This is something extraordinary ideas. Thank you so much.Really wonderful, I will try on my lover,sure.

  4. This is great if more men treat their lady like this there would be less broken relationship and marriages

    • Ok my women not want my finger in her vagina , not at G spot she say it places for my cock ? Wat mast I do???

      • Hi Wynnand,
        Thanks for asking. Why don’t you ask her why she doesn’t want your finger there. Is it clean? Are your nails trimmed. Do you touch her delicately? Have you learned about women’s anatomy? Are you using a good lubricant? Find out what is holding her back by talking to her.

  5. Wonderful and Loving. Thank you

    • Thank you, Greg!
      Kiss Kiss!

  6. Hi Sloane,
    This is a great post, you must be the ultimate woman. Although, I’ve known these things for years I have grown to entice a woman to tell me what she wants through many small but intimated conversations along the way. This brings the time that we spend in physical intimacy to a boil (if you know what I mean). When she knows that I know what she wants and that I am ready willing and able to please her she will be much more open to me and I am never in a hurry. My ultimate goal is always to leave her happy and satisfied. I want her to have a warm feeling when she thinks of me like hot chocolate on a cold day. Thanks for posting this, it reinforces what I already knew and it even made me a little happy knowing that there is a woman out there like you.I look forward to reading more of your feminine insights.

    • Wayne,
      I love how you take your time and break everything into small bites.
      Good work, man! You sound like a fantastic lover.
      P.S. I’ll make sure I let Sloane know you posted this. She’s gone home for the day.

  7. wow, its super informative. will definately try it.thanks so much.

  8. Awesome,,great info & technique,,thanks Susan

  9. ok so iread this because im a women and i have problems with internal sex i must not have a gspot i feel nothing inside as numb as anything you can imagine while my external is wild and buzzing to go from the get go am i wierd or can anyone shed some light thanks but hell i use this technique on my gf and she doesnt have internal feeling either but man i dont need it we would just like to no whats wrong with us

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