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Oral Pleasuring: Help Increase Her Sexual Arousal

Oral Pleasuring: Help Increase Her Sexual Arousal

Create incredible reactions when you give your partner oral pleasure.


It is said that when you give your lover your tongue, you give them your heart.

Oral pleasuring is as much joy for the giver as the receiver.

Most women LOVE oral.

The women who don’t care for cunnilingus simply haven’t experienced great oral sex yet. . .

Or they have some kind of emotional incongruence that is holding them back from getting off on it.

The most common reason why women don’t “like” oral is that they feel self conscious. I encourage you to talk about her resistance and see if it can be resolved through encouragement, appreciation and education.

Another way to get her to believe you love her lady bits is to verbally describe them to her and tell her how beautiful they are.

Take mini-breaks and give her appreciative feedback on how sexy she is, how good she tastes, how much you love to bury your face in her feminine essence…


Oral sex is an excellent transition for heightening arousal between your initial kissing and intercourse.

Once you’ve learned how to get her fully engorged, oral pleasuring can be a fantastic warm up to get her orgasmic contractions going.

Extras: Help Her Feel More Down There, Engorgement Strokes

The skillful combination of using your lips, teeth, tongue and intention to open and relax her will also accelerate her orgasmic response.

Adding your fingers in (make sure you use saliva on your fingers) once she’s had a number of orgasms from your tongue will drive her up the curve of arousal even further.

A lot of women like a finger inside while you’re licking and suckling her clitoral area.

Once she’s quite aroused you can also put pressure on her G-Area (the top of her vaginal cave) while you lick her clitoris. This is commonly called a, “blended orgasm.”


If she gets sensitive after an orgasm and doesn’t want you to continue, you have simply not engorged her entire vulva enough and been too focused on her clitoris.

The clit goes deep inside her and down her vestibular bulbs.

The clit hood is sensitive.

The mons above her clitoral area is sensitive.

Her labia are sensitive.

Her fourchette is sensitive.

And all of these parts can experience more sensation as they are aroused slowly and surely.

Extra: Her Whole Erectile Tissue Network

Move around. Use a variety of strokes.

Over time, you can train her to come before you even breathe on her.


Begin by kissing passionately. This opens up her pussy as much as her mouth.

It’s a great way to both prepare her for giving you oral as it is for getting blood flow to her vulva.

Slowly trace your tongue down her body and enjoy feeling your tongue on her skin as you explore your way down to her Yoni.


Unless she says, “don’t move,” keep trying different moves, staying on one spot for 3-10 strokes and then going elsewhere.

Remove your goal orientation. If you are focused on “making her come,” she will feel like it’s a performance.


Make it languid. (unhurried)


  • warm exhales
  • breathing her in
  • playful flutters
  • long soft licks
  • sucking
  • suckling like a baby on a nipple
  • gently biting
  • deep tongue diving
  • tongue scooping
  • windshield wipers
  • light milking of her inner labia
  • long strokes up her whole slit
  • circles around her clitoral shaft
  • working all the anatomical parts with your lips and tongue


What determines a tongue kung fu’s mastery is:

  • the joy of giving without a goal or reciprocation
  • the level of sensitivity to your partner’s experience of pleausre
  •  creativity variety and fun
  • perceptiveness of how and how long to deliver to deliver specific types of pleasure to your partner’s pleasure zones


When you add hot sensual body movements while giving her oral it will also amp her arousal.


When you moan and let her hear your pleasure, she will be able to relax and enjoy the sensations even more.


Don’t forget before you even begin that she will be able to come more if you have a location where she can completely relax.

What music? Is there a towel under her to catch the juice? Is she a comfortable temperature? Are there pillows supporting her legs?

How is the lighting? Sometimes it helps to feel sensation when one’s eyes are closed. A blindfold can add a tiny bit of kink to get her turned on.

When you, as her lover, check all of these “loverspace” situations for her, she can begin to surrender to you and just enjoy.


Encourage your lady to give you feedback in whatever way suits her.

She could moan, she could squeeze you, buck her hips, yell out — any way and every way that she can help you know when it feels best to her is encouraged.

You can also train her to receive oral pleasure skillfully:  (teach her these things)

– she must trust you

– feel the connection

– surrender to the pleasure

– stay present with the pleasure

– keep her mind on the sensations her partner is delivering

– be thankful of this profound gift her partner is giving her

When she holds up her end of the experience, she will come a lot more.

Any couple has the ability to essentially have her come nearly the entire time he is going down on her.

You can work your way up to a half hour (or when your tongue gives out) of her orgasmic contractions getting more and more delicious as you get her more turned on.

It’s something to shoot for, and a LOT better than watching TV!

Email me any questions you have about giving or receiving off-the-hook cunnilingus.

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